StBotanica Jojoba Pure Coldpressed Carrier Oil


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St.Botanica Jojoba Pure coldpressed Oil for Deep Moisturizing, dry skin, dry scalp, brittle nails clogged pores and more. Rich Vitamin E infused oil is ideal for deeply moisturizing skin gently and effectively while cleansing skin and pores of bacteria causing agents. Ideal for use as; all natural makeup remover, aftershave, skin softener, conditioning treatment, lip balm, massage oil, and carrier oil. Natural antibacterial astringent leaves skin soft and smooth while helping to slow the free radical process. Usage: #1 Eyes and face to remove makeup #2 Face, as a moisturizer #3 To the body as a moisturizer #4 As a massage oil #5 Soften Hands and feet #6 Dry Scalp #7 Dry and frizzy hair, split ends #8 Dry, chapped lips #9 Cuticles #10 Acne #11 Beards #12 Stretch Marks #13 Ears Manufactured with World's Highest Standards. Manufactured in a ISO 9001:2008, HACCP Certified, WHO GMP facility
It contains Pure Jojoba Oil
As per aromatherapy

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