Dabur Shri Gopal tail


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Stress, depression, side effects of a few medicines, chronic ailments, heavy smoking/tobacco use and many more reasons can lead to various sex related problems and reduction vitality.For thousands of years, medicinal plants mentioned in Ayurveda have been used to increase sexual powers and thereby drive a satisfied sexual life.
Dabur Shrigopal Tail is a powerful combination of 61 unique herbs including Ashwagandha, Kesar, and Shatavari
Shake the bottle well before use. Massage few drops, gently on the penis. Massage with light hands till the oil is absorbed well
It helps to improve memory, retention power and intelligence when applied over scalp and forehead. It helps to strengthen nerves, muscles and blood vessels; hence it issued in diabetes, Vata diseases (neuromuscular diseases). It is used in a pregnant woman to gently apply over the abdomen (without any massage), to strengthen abdominal muscles and to protect the pregnancy. It relieves menstrual cycle related pains in ladies upon external application over the abdomen. It is also useful in psychotic conditions. It is used in treating ED.

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