Baidyanath Saindhavadi Taila (Oil) Vri 100ml


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Baidyanath.Baidyanath Saindhavadi Tail oil is used for the treatment of painful joints, rheumatism, gout and similar painful condition. It is one of best oil for all types of joint pain and arthritis.
Sendhav Lavan, Gaj Pipal, Sajji Kshar, Erand Tel.
To be rubbed on the affected area.
It is Effective in edema. This oil is useful for inflammation pain. It relaxes muscles. Use of this oil gives relief from joints pain. It also relieves muscle pain. Useful for rheumatoid arthritis. Useful for cavities pain also Helpful in Sciatica Give relieves a backache Treats Rheumatism helps in painful joints effective in Sinus Helpful in Fistula Inflammation of scrotum Also, treats Nervous Disease

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