Jiva Ayurveda Romnashtak Lep 50gm


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Romnashtak Lep is a powder for external application and a fine alternative for laser therapy, which is used in removing unwanted hair. Application of paste prepared from this mixture destroys the hair roots, remove the unwanted hair from skin and prevents regrowth of hair at those locations. Hormonal imbalance often causes the growth of unwanted hair in a woman's body and this mixture provides a safe and easy way to get rid of that unwanted hair without any side effects or health hazard.
Hartaal -- Arsenii trisulph/orpiment , Palash kshar -- Butea monosperma, Shankh churna - Conch shell powder
A paste is prepared by mixing this powder in water and is applied on location of undesirable hair growth and removed after drying.
It helps in removing the unwanted hairs from body parts

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