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Organic Certified spicy and fresh Black Pepper Whole from Down to Earth. The ancient Aryans considered it as a powerful remedy for various disorders of the anatomical system and prescribed it as a useful cure for dyspepsia malaria, delirium. The Egyptian used it for embalming. The Asians are said to have it as an aphrodisiac. Pepperdine is considered to be the primary constituent responsible for the bitter taste of black pepper and has been used to impart pungency to dishes. The high value and very high cost of cultivation have increased the risk, and thus commercial growers take extraordinary precautions in the agriculture of Black Pepper. With the result under conventional farming, there is the very heavy use of Chemical Pesticides in commercial farming. At Morarka it is sourced from certified organic farms Karnataka, Kerala & Tamilnadu. One of the principle values of pepper is its ability to correct the seasonings of dishes. Just before the end of cooking, the final dash of pepper can be efficiently used to adjust the flavor. Due to substantial aromatic property, it constitutes an essential component of culinary seasonings of universal use and a necessary ingredient of numerous commercial foodstuffs.
Black Pepper
Spicy, fresh & cures diarrhea, heart disease. It is known as ‘king of spices.' Used as seasoning & has high medicinal value.

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