Organic India Wheat Grass

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Wheatgrass powder is an energy and immunity booster supplement.

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Size: 100 gm

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Organic Whole Leaf Wheat Grass Powder ( Tritium aestivum).


1 teaspoon (2gm) mixed in milk, fruit juice, buttermilk, water or your favorite beverage to make tasty wheat Grass Juice, empty Stomach.

1. Safe and recommended for long-term use. Anti-aging helps to keep young. Detoxificant keep the intestine healthy. Support immunity helps keep infection away. Helps improve energy level. Supports treatment of cancer.
2. Improves the health of blood cells and hemoglobin level. Protect against harmful effects of radiation.
3. Helps regenerate healthy and strong gums. Removes bad odor from body and breath. Helps to maintain healthy blood vessels and blood pressure. 

About the Brand: Organic India

[category-banner]Organic India works with thousands of small family farmers in India to cultivate tens of thousands of acres of sustainable organic farmland to support health and true wellness. Each product is one link in a chain of connectedness between Mother Nature, their farmers, and you.