Organic India Organic India Lipid Care

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Lipid core lowers LDL and enhances HDL. Lipid care reduces the heart’s workload by lowering the Heart Rate (HR) & Blood Pressure (BP).

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Size: 60 Capusles

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Organic Arjuna Bark, Organic Harjor Stem, Organic Amalaki Fruit, Organic Vana Tulsi Leaf.


2 capsules twice a day for at least 3 months or as directed by a healthcare provider.

Maintains healthy cardio-vascular functions, Maintains normal cholesterol levels, Active immunomodulator, Enriched with antioxidants, Prevention, and treatment of raised lipid levels. 

About the Brand: Organic India

[category-banner]Organic India works with thousands of small family farmers in India to cultivate tens of thousands of acres of sustainable organic farmland to support health and true wellness. Each product is one link in a chain of connectedness between Mother Nature, their farmers, and you.