Omved Omved Wooden Hand & Foot Massager For Complete Relaxation


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Our hands and feet contain numerous nerve endings connected to various organs in our body. Massaging these endings or important points stimulates those organs and keeps the energy flow intact and in balance. You can now use Omved’s Hand & Foot Massager as a roller between your palms or use its pressure tip to press and massage your acupressure points. Made of Natural Wood this Hand & Foot Massager is your ideal companion to keep pain away and offer complete relief and relaxation.
LIGHTWEIGHT – Being lightweight you can carry it with you everywhere you go.
NATURAL WOOD – Omved’s Hand & Foot Massager is hand carved and made out of 100% natural wood and does not involve any toxic material while making. It is completely biodegradable.
Alchol Free Paraben Free Sulphate Free Organic Peta Certified / Vegan

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Dimensions 15 x 13 cm

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