Omved Terra Temple Cone Burner


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An artistic wheel-thrown stoneware incense burner offering a subtle blend of traditional and contemporary.The terra temple cone burner holds the incense cones in the pot without causing a mess with the ash drops and the lovely lattice work around the cover allows wisps of the healing fragrance to come out gently and spread in the living areas. Its shape is reminiscent of ancient earthen village pots while the luminious glaze reflects the craftsmanship of modern masters. Beyond the aesthetics, this burner and ash catcher is practical in its function. The cup piece has a flat middle base on which the incense cone can be stood up-right while the wide receptacle area catches all the ashes. The rough inner surface of the 'cup' allows for easy cleaning. Smolder your favourite incense and partake of the ancient ritual of incense burning.


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