Omved Omved Terra Temple Cone Burner 6 inches(diameter)x 2 inches


Product By : Omved

Omved's Terra Temple Cone Burner holds the incense cones in the pot without causing a mess with the ash drops and the lovely lattice work around the cover allows wisps of the healing fragrance to come out gently and spread in the living areas. It reminds of ancient earthen village pots while the luminious glaze reflects the craftsmanship of modern masters. This burner and ash catcher is also practical in its function since the cup piece has a flat middle base on which the incense cone can be stood up-right while the wide receptacle area catches all the ashes. Now you can smolder your favourite incense and partake of the ancient ritual of incense burning.
WITHSTANDS HIGH TEMPERATURES - This burner has been designed specially to withstand high temperatures and is more durable than porcelain or ceramic.
BEAUTIFUL LATTICE DESIGN - Made using terracotta design and contemporary finish, this handcrafted cone burner or dhoop holder makes it easy for you to burn incense and purify your home.
Alcohol Free 100% Natural Organic Non Toxic Hypoallergic, No Synthetic Fragrance

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Dimensions 75 x 7 x 11 cm

Incence Burner


6 inches(diameter)x 2 inches