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Balance your chakra - Svadisthana or the Sacral Chakra Unlock the power of your 2nd chakra, or Svadisthana (dwelling place of the self) located in the sacrum, just below the navel for desire, and movement. Using the remedy roller will help to balance the chakra. The Svadisthana remedy roller has been custom blended with 100% pure botanical extracts and pure therapeutic grade essential oils, to incorporate ancient knowledge of Vedic medicine and the yogic knowledge of the energy that emanates through the chakras (energy centers of the body). Manipura is our 'pleasure center' and is connected to our sexuality, creativity, emotions and intuitions. It's about our likes and dislikes, what stimulates, excites and inspires us. When balanced, the chakra brings us fluidity and grace, depth of feeling, sexual fulfillment, and the ability to accept change. Tradional chakra healers believe that when this chakra is out of balance a person can suffer from painful menstrual cycles, lower back pain, sexual and urinary problems and knee or hip trouble and addictions. Meditate on to balance chakra or just to enjoy the aroma.


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