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Botanical extracts of the Sushant Keram Anti-dandruff Hair Oil maintain and promote the health of the hair and scalp by providing anti-fungal and anti-dandruff actions. Infused in a base of virgin Coconut oil, rich in minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and glycerides, this oil: * Works as a hair tonic for a healthy scalp * Fights dandruff, dry flakes, and hair fall * Soothes itching and nourishes roots. This classical medicated oil blend contains Dhurta, Ayurveda's most effective herb for treating dandruff and keeping the scalp free of infection, Durva/Bermuda grass, well known for bringing cooling relief and as a treatment for skin rashes, eczema and fungal infections, Daruharidra which fights dandruff and soothes itching, and Guduchi that nourishes roots, making hair soft, silky and manageable. The prevalence of dandruff causes itching on the scalp and a burning sensation, which in turn hinders the growth of hair. Regular application of this antiseptic oil will support a healthy scalp, strong roots and thick, shiny beautiful hair.
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