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Reduce the intensity of skin disorders, even your skin tone and welcome glowing skin with the powerful blend of Sudyuti thailam. This nourishing blend of anti-aging classical oils long used in Ayurveda helps to: - relax tired skin and add a glow to the skin - reduce pigmentation and even skin tone - reduce the intensity of various skin disorders such as eczema and allergic itching. The oil has been infused with Ayurveda's secret for fairness: the four types of ficus tree bark skins (Athi, Peepal, Banyan and Udumbra), Triphala (or three healing fruits) for enhancing your complexion, and Saffron for restoring skin tone along with 25 other potent skin-enhancing herbs like cardamom, cinnamon, snow lotus from the Himalayas in a base of Virgin Coconut oil and Black Sesame oil. This is a great blend of effectively lightening pigmentation and age spots. It also soothes sunburnt skin and protects from UV rays and heals wounds. Regular use of this oil on the body and face guarantees a visible difference in skin tone and smoothens skin. Revive your natural complexion and revel in its glow.
Clear Skin, Eczema, Exfoliate, Purifying(anti-bacterial), Rejuvination/detox, Scoirioiss

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