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According to ancient Vastu wisdom, the gentle sounds of a Vedic chime helps to create a balance of natural energies and attract happiness and good fortune to your home. This exquisitely hand crafted windchime uses Manjiras; the ancient instruments seen on temple walls that date back to the earliest of times. These small brass cymbals create serene music when struck. They are designed following the Vastu Shastra tradition, where bells were made in the shape of a pyramid to collect, focus and absorb non-life-supporting energy by drawing it to a point and emitting it through sound. Rudraksha beads are a sign of prosperity and purity. Known to please the nine planets, they also help to get rid of the fear of evil spirits, thus protecting your space. The recycled glass beads have been specially designed and beaded in the wind chime to reflect and refract light. The Bronze Lotus in the wind chime symbolises beauty. Hang this chime in the northwest corner of your home.


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