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With a potent blend of Ayurvedic herbs in a deep penetrating base of virgin coconut oil, the Pushtikar Keram Hair Loss Oil reduces hair fall as it: * Nourishes and strengthens hair roots, * Prevents and heals scalp disorders, and * Cools the head and eyes. This classical formulation contains the king of all Ayurvedic herbs, Bhringraj, infused with hair-strengthening Hibiscus flowers and leaves used traditionally to stimulate thicker hair growth, Ashwagandha to prevent premature greying, hair loss and scalp disorders, Vitamin-C-rich Amla, and a host of other botanical extracts that nourish the hair roots and enhance hair growth. A weekly massage to the hair and scalp with this hair oil not only delivers essential nutrients to the roots and hydrates the hair shafts but also increases blood circulation in the scalp, which helps strengthen hair roots.
Hair Loss, Premature Greying, Thin Hair

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