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Give your tresses a natural shine and volume with this Purifying shampoo that thoroughly cleans your hair without stripping it off the natural oils. The energizing fragrance of peppermint not just makes it an invigorating start for the day, bit also helps to keep your tresses shiny and soft! The purifying extracts of Brahmi and Hibiscus help to clean, heal and protect the scalp to promote a healthy mane of hair. * Brahmi vitalizes follicles for dense and lustrous hair. * Peppermint strengthens and refreshes the scalp and invigorates circulation. * Vitamin E and Aloe Vera strengthen elasticity, making hair soft, strong and shiny. * Hibiscus maintains a healthy scalp and protects from fungus. * Yashtimadhu gives a natural glow and shine. The all natural extracts that form the shampoo are blended in a base of natural cleansers like Arishtak (Soapnut) that is known for its natural cleansing and conditioning properties from ancient times. Restore hair to its natural, smooth, shiny and healthy look. Very gentle to your hair and scalp. Can be used daily.
Damaged/brittle Hair, Dandruff, Dry Hair, Greasy Hair, Hair Loss, Thin Hair


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