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This ultra-soft rajai or comforter is made with 100% organic cotton certified fabric and stuffed with a tightly woven organic cotton batting. Medium weighted, it helps to keep a baby comfortable and snug through all seasons! This warm and comforting blankie is perfect to snuggle with and is ready to bless your precious one with a universal ancient mantra asking for overall wellness and blessings from the Supreme Power. The mantra in english reads - I pray, my child, be supreme, glorious, strong, prosperous, healthy, and wise. May you create wealth while following the right path and be filled with good virtues. May you be brave, hospitable, wealthy, simple in nature and as strong and illustrious as the sun. May you give others from your wealth before yourself. May you live for a hundred years. Being larger in size, apart from being used as a blanket, it also makes an ideal plush playful space for your little one to crawl and play.


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