Omved Muladhara Chakra Incense


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Chakra Healing - Muldhara or Root Chakra Stay grounded with the calming fragrance of vetiver that helps you to connect with the roots and earth. The nurturing, yet strengthening fragrance of the Muldhara incense stick helps you to stay connected with yourself. Muladhara, meaning "root chakra" in Sanskrit, is located at the base of the spine. It is our 'foundation centre' and is connected to our need for survival (food, water, shelter), ambition, achievement and our need for nurture and support. The incense stick has been attuned to the root energy centre and is custom blended to incorporate the ancient knowledge of Vedic medicine and the yogic knowledge of the energy that emanates through the chakras. Light an incense to focus on chakra meditation or just aromatise the ambience around you.


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