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Surround yourself with the intoxicating aroma of thousands of jasmine blossoms! Malati is a 100% natural bath bar that helps to cleanse and hydrate the body. The pure aromatic fragrance of jasmine oil in this soap helps to uplift the mood and calm the anxious and stressed mind. While the soap is good for all skin types, it also helps to soothe and nourish problematic and sun-damaged skin. Our signature cold-process saponified, pure triple oil base of coconut, olive and castor cleanses without stripping; skin-loving Aloe Vera tones while the retained pure plant-based glycerine lends to richer moisturizing. This bath bar uplifts, relaxes, nourishes and refreshes your skin while maintaining you're pH balance.
Exfoliate, Moisturise, Purifying(anti-bacterial), Rejuvination/detox

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