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The Keshin Thailam Healthy Hair Oil is a traditional Ayurvedic preparation for complete hair care with well known hair-stimulating botanicals, infused in Sesame oil, high in minerals and anti-oxidants. It penetrates deep too: * Nourish hair and scalp * Promote long, dark and dense hair * Prevent greying, dandruff and split ends. This classical Ayurvedic hair tonic contains Nili - Ayurveda's primary hair-loss preventive for centuries, Vetiver roots that give lustre, shine and body, Kayyoni/Bhringraj to delay premature greying and control dandruff, Bala to encourage hair growth and prevent hair fall along with over 20 botanicals to nourish and uplift the mind and spirit an as a natural and effective solution for hair care problems. Apply it on the scalp on alternate days to ensure abundant, lustrous, dandruff-free, healthy hair.
Dandruff, Hair Growth, Premature Greying

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