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Dull and limp hair? Give your tresses a lease of new life by restoring its strength and moisture! The Hydrating Shampoo works beautifully on undernourished hair to clean it gently and effectively. This all-herbal shampoo penetrates into the scalp to restore hydration with this effective botanical that includes concentrated proteins and a blend of natural oils. * Jatamansi eases dry flakes and heals brittle hair ends. * Geranium maintains the moisture balance of the scalp. * Aloe Vera and Vitamin E make hair soft and manageable. * Amalika nourishes your hair with a generous dose of Vitamin C. The all natural extracts that form the shampoo are blended in a base of natural cleansers like Arishtak (Soapnut) that is known for its natural cleansing and conditioning properties from ancient times. Wash your hair with is to protect it with that extra dose of moisture that it needs.
Damaged/brittle Hair, Dry Hair


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