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Indulge your senses with your favourite diffuser oils with this hassle-free handcrafted flameless electric oil warmer. With an attractive handcarved stoneware base, a luminously glazed generous well to hold abundant aroma and a convenient lightbulb warmer, this aromatherapy diffuser is an aesthetic and effective way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils. This beautiful blend of the traditional Indian craftsmanship and modern technology, this aroma diffuser is made to be a safe and easy alternative to candle based warmers. Just add aroma oil and water to the top dish, plug in the base. The heat evaporates the water and oils together into the surrounding air, filling it with the goodness of nature. Ideal for use at home, office, children's room, nurseries, hospitals etc. An electric diffuser can be used in spaces where unsupervised and flameless option of aroma diffusion is needed. Inhale a breath of pure conscious bliss.


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