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The purpose of a bhadarwar is to disperse the rushing or the stagnating 'prana' or energy and usher in the positive energies to a living abode. Divya Jyot Bhandarwar is a traditional Vedic hanger that invokes the blessings from Mother Earth. It has a small terracotta diya and a samaya diya and is adorned with vastu seeds, colourful glass beads and rudraksha that enhance the beauty of it. The terracotta diyas and a hanging lamp signify the importance of light or knowledge in this bhandarwar. Diyas are lit to drive away darkness and ignorance and to awaken the light within us. This exquisite bhandarwar is an epithet of virtuosity, harmony and truth. The sanctified mauli (traditional sacred cotton threads), jute cords and colourful glass beads enhance the beauty of this bhandarwar.

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