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Wake up to soft and smooth feet every day! These slightly aromatic oil works wonder to pamper your tired feet. Use the Daily Night Foot Oil to massage your feet; this easily absorbed and non-sticky Ayurvedic blend will leave your feet soft and rested and your spirit relaxed. The triple blend of Valerian; a calming sedative, Ashwagandha; health and longevity enhancer and Vetiver; a nerve relaxant is infused in a base of Vitamin- E rich, sesame oil. The oil helps to penetrate all 7 layers of skin while nourishing and protecting the skin against cracks and sores. Padabhyanga or foot massage has long been praised by Ayurveda to strengthen nerves and restore health to the body. Massaging your feet every night with the Daily Night Foot oil, will not just keep them soft and supple but also will aid in detoxification, improving blood and lymph circulation and helping insomnia, fatigue, and cramps.


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