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Chakra Healing - Ajna or the Third Eye Chakra The evocative aroma of Geranium in the Ajna incense helps to build focus and intuition levels. The transforming, awakening & clarifying fragrance from the incense stick will help you to tap into the power of chakra healing. Ajna or Third Eye chakra is located in the middle of the eyebrows. It is our 'vision center' and the center of our psychic power and higher intuition. This center governs our personal vision and encompasses our ability to analyze, think, reason, understand, remember and discern. The incense stick has been attuned to the brow and has been custom blended to incorporate the ancient knowledge of Vedic medicine and the yogic knowledge of the energy that emanates through the chakras. Light an incense to focus on chakra meditation or just aromatize the ambience around you.


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