Omved Omved 100% Woolen SRI YANTRA Aasan – Meditation, Japa & Puja Mat Empowered With 4 Powerful Copper Yantras – Best Insulator – 24 x 22 inches


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As per the Shree Skanda Purana "Meditating on a woolen blanket brings peace and all attainments." The Omved 100% Woolen Sri Yantra Aasan uses wool as it’s completely natural and is considered pure fibre. Since it is an excellent insulator it is preferred for meditation and japa practice. This woolen meditation mat also protects against the cold from seeping into the body which could lead to joint pains, chills and aches. So in a way it helps you completely focus on the ritual or practice you are engaged in. This Aasan is embedded with four copper Sri Yantras in the four corners. The Sri Yantra is the most important and powerful among all vedic power symbols. As one of the most ancient symbols, it has been used for many millennia to invoke good fortune, wealth, health, and as an aid for meditation. This ancient symbol also has the power to draw the energy of the universe and thus any meditation done while being surrounded by this yantra is extremely powerful and energised. Moreover, a woolen Aasan is also safer while performing rituals, doing havans, lighting lamps and agarbattis as the sparks that fly towards it will only singe the wool and not cause a fire.
EXCELLENT INSULATION – Being made out of wool lends it excellent insulation properties. So during meditation the energy of the meditator is not channelized downwards.
100% WOOLEN – The Sri Yantra Aasan is made of wool which is considered as a pure fibre and is completely natural.
Alchol Free 100% Natural Organic Non Toxic Hypoallergic No Synthehc Fragrance

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Dimensions 18 x 24 cm