Nutriley Nutriley Nutrimass Gold – Body/Muscle Gainer Whey Protein Supplement (500 Gms)


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NUTRIMASS GOLD has been formulated to help full body development and maintain peak physical fitness. It is a high caloric metabolic booster, which gives instant as well as sustained release energy and helps overcome fatigue and stress, increase stamina. Thus ensuring a better mind and a strong body. NUTRIMASS GOLD is a balanced, easily assailable preparation enriched with all the essential energy yielding nutrients. A unique combination of carbohydrates, low fats, proteins along with all the essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins and vital herbs in a natural form, it is an ideal nutrition partner for body builders, power lifters, gymnasts, footballers, boxers, and others, who require continuous energy flow. NUTRIMASS GOLD is not just for the athlete, body builders. However, It supports the muscle maintenance, build up and toning among individuals who what to gain weight and tone up their body. NUTRIMASS GOLD is also a nutritional intake of choice for those who want to lead an active lifestyle and gain weight. Benefits • It supplies nutrients for healthy growth & building up of body's tissues & cells and Increases body weight. • Enriched with the essential energy yielding nutrients for growth, health & vitality. • Unique combination of whey protein-with all essential amino acids, vitamins and carbohydrate. • Helps to overcome fatigue & increases stamina. • Restore power & strength. • Helps buildup new cells & tissues in body. • Replenishes vital nutrients & increases weight. • Enhances solid gains of muscle mass & tissues.
Ingredients (Each 10 Gms) : Whey Protein 8 gm, Skimmed Milk Powder 1 gm, Crushed Sugar 1 gm. Fortified with : Tal Makahana(Asteracantha longifolia) 800 mg, Shatavari(Asparagus racemosus) 800 mg, Ashwagandha(Withania somniferra) 600 mg, Vidhari Kand(Pueria tuberosa) 400 mg, Salab Panja(Orchis lantifolia) 400 mg, Punarnava(Boerhavia diffusa) 250 mg, Safed Moosali(Asparagus adsecendens) 250 mg, Salam Mishri(Orchid mascula) 250 mg, Shigroo Beej(Moringa oliefera) 250 mg, Guduchi(Tinospora cordifolia) 200 mg, Khajoor(Phoenix sylvestris) 200 mg, Munnaka(Vitis venifera) 200 mg.
Mix 30 Gms Powder in milk, Water, Juice - Take It twice a day.

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