NutriGlow NutriGlow Skin Whitening Facial Kit Set of 6

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NutriGlow Skin Whitening Facial Kit?has been introduced to meet the most basic beauty need. Enriched with the goodness of Arbutin, Turmeric and Vitamin E, it pampers your skin, enhancing skin texture from within to give you the fresh, youthful and glowing skin. Its nano spheres increase the bio-availability of the skin whitening giving you a polish for instant glow, fairer complexion, and instant tan removal and rejuvenates dull, tired and sluggish skin Self-healing properties to encounter problems related to skin damage. It is meant for deep cleansing the facial skin. It instantly removes all sign of dirt, pollution and tan. It helps in opening up the skin pores for the next steps of the facial. Its cleansing action provides a gentle exfoliation with the goodness of pearl and almond cake powder which helps in exfoliating dead cells, blackheads and dark patches. It leaves a white film on the skin due to the deep skin lightening actives present in it formulation.
Vitamin E (Acetate) Liquid, Lemon Oil, Rose Water, Geranium Oil, Lavender Oil, Licorice Extract, Cleansing Scrub, Orange Oil, Turmeric Oil.
Apply Every step one by one on neck to face and massage in circular Movements for 3-5 minutes then wipe off with cotton.
Repairs the condition of acne & severe oily skin, Helps in diminishing the bacteria, thus improving the acne & drying out the excessive oil, It deep cleanses, tones & nourishes the skin.

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