NutriGlow NutriGlow Crème Pack Lacto Bleach Instant Tan Removal 300 g

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NutriGlow Luster Gold Bleach Cream NutriGlow Luster Gold Bleach Cream blends facial hair, Cleanses pore, removes impurities and fades facial blemishes from deep within makes you look outshines as never before.
Hydrogen Peroxide, Orange Oil, Vitamin E (Acetate) Liquid.
Mix Cream & Activator in ratio 3:1. After mixing apply a layer of the blend on the face/body uniformly and leave it for 15 – 20 minutes for optimum results. Rinse off with abundant clean water.
Marks & Spots Removal,Softening & Smoothening,Tan Removal

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Dimensions 6 x 6 x 5 cm



300 g