Geofresh Natural Immuno-O+ Powder 80gms


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Natural way of maintaining Immunition without any side effects. Effective in 30 days, For better results 60 days. Surprising Benefits of Natural immuno-O+ powder  
Milk Thistle powder, Dandelion Root powder, Green Turmeric powder, Beet Root powder, Green Tea powder, Cauliflower powder, Green Ginger powder, Raddish powder, Mint leaves powder, Drumstick powder, Spinach leaves powder.
1 Spoon (approx 3.5 gms) on empty stomach (before Breakfast) Effective in 30 days, For better results 60 days
Detoxification and cleansing of Liver & Kidney, Maintains Liver & Kidney health, Ensures strengthens Immunity system, prevents jaundice,helps to Stimulate urine elimination

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