MuscleXP Mass Gainer Vital, Dark Chocolate – With Whey Protein & MultiVitamins


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Amplify your gains with Mass Gain Vital. This rock solid formula is engineered with ingredients to help you increase lean mass, weight, strength, and stamina. Balanced Sports Nutrition + Training = Maximal Gains in Lean Mass and Performance    
Setting New Gold Mass Gain Standards. With 150g serving in the water, you get 564 kCal Energy, 33G Protein, 97.5g Carbs. With 150g serving in milk, you get 654 kCal Energy, 37.8g Protein, 105g Carbs.
RECOMMENDED USAGE: Add 150g of Mass Gain Vital to a blender filled with 16 -20 oz (500-600 ml) of water. Blend for 20 seconds. Then add a few ice cubes and, if desired, other calorie-contributing ingredients and blend for an additional 20-30 seconds. Tip: Mixing 150g with nonfat or low-fat milk instead of water will give you a thicker, creamier, higher-calorie shake. New users may find it beneficial, to begin with, 75g serving in 13-17 oz (400-500 ml) once daily for the first week and then gradually increase as desired. WHEN SHOULD I TAKE IT? -MuscleXP Mass Gain Vital can be used to feed serious calorie needs in any of the following ways: Between Meals: Drink a 75-150g serving of MuscleXP Mass Gain Vital between meals to maintain positive nitrogen balance and support a high-calorie diet. Post-Workout: Begin drinking a 75-150g serving of MuscleXP Mass Gain Vital 30-45 minutes following exercise to support maximum recovery. Before Bed: Drink a 75-150g serving of MuscleXP Mass Gain Vital about 45-60 minutes before bed to provide nutrients to recovering muscle throughout the night.
MuscleXP Mass Gainer Vital Contains 24 Vitamins and Essential Minerals with almost 100% RDA limit per 150g for maximum Vitamins & Minerals. Energy and Protein Source is Only from Ultra Filtered Whey Protein Concentrate 80%, Calcium Caseinate. No SOY Protein.

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