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Livgood has the power to protect our bodies from harmful toxins, free radicals and fat deposition in the liver. It can improve alcoholic fatty liver as well as non-alcoholic fatty liver. Therefore, it helps in maintaining a healthy skin along with healthy hair.
Kutki extract (Picrorhiza kurroa),Ghritkumari extract (Aloe barbadensis),Kakmachi extract (Solanum nigrum),Punarnava extract (Boerhaavia diffusa),Bhumiamla extract (Phyllanthus niruri),Bhumiamla powder (Phyllanthus niruri)
1-2 capsules twice daily or as directed by physician
Rejuvenates liver to protect the body from harmful effects of bad eating habits. Protects liver from the harmful effects of alcohol. Makes liver healthier and improves its efficiency. Helps in maintaining a healthy skin and checks pimples and hair fall. Stimulates liver to improve digestion and promotes good health.

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