Kapiva Yogendra Ras (S.M.Y.) 10 TAB


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Heart disease & hysteria. Effective in paraplegia, urinary diseases & nutritive.
Each Tablet contains (125 mg): Ras Sindur 35.714 mg, Swarn Bhasm 17.857 mg, Kant Lauh Bhasm 17.857 mg, Abhrak Bhasm 17.857 mg, Moti Bhasm 17.857 mg, Bang Bhasm 17.857 mg, Bhawana Ghritkumari Ras (Aloe barbadensis) 7Lf.q.s, Gum Acacia (Excipients ) qs, Talcum (Excipient ) qs.
1 tablet with honey twice daily or as directed by the physician

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10 TAB


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