Kapiva Liv Shield 60 Capsules


Product By : Primarc

Fights against liver disorders from indigestion & alcohol. Protects from harmful effects of alcohol or bad eating habits. Stimulates liver to improve digestion & promotes good health. Makes liver healthier & improves efficiency.
Each Capsule contains :Kutki extract (Picrorhiza kurroa )77 mg, Ghritkumari extract (Aloe barbadensis ) 77 mg, Kakmachi extract ( Solanum nigrum )77 mg, Punarnava extract( Boerhaavia diffusa ) 57 mg, Bhumiamla extract ( Phyllanthus niruri) 97 mg, Bhumiamla powder (Phyllanthus niruri) 115 mg.
1-2 capsules twice daily, before meals or as directed by the physician

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60 Capsules


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