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Indicated for Gout (Vat Rakta) and other joint pains. Also an effective blood purifier.
Each tablet contains (375 mg.): Water extract from Sudh Guggul 326.09 mg., Haritaki, Baheda, Amla each 108.70 mg., Guduchi 652.17 mg., [Total wt of dry extract 130.43 mg.], Haritaki, Baheda, Amla each 3.40 mg., Sonth, Kalimarich, Pippali, Vidanga each 10.19 mg., Trivit (Nisoth), Danti each 5.10 mg., Guduchi 20.38 mg., Ghrita 163.04 mg., Excepients (Gumac,acia, Talc) q.s.
2-4 Tablets twice daily with lukewarm water or as directed by the physician

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