Kapiva Artho Sure 1 litre


Product By : Primarc

Relives pain in joints, muscles, back and neck Helps relieve joint & muscle pain. Also helps reduce swelling due to injury. Very effective in gout problems. Effective in back pain & neck sprain.
RaSna 12%, Punarnava 11%, Ashwagandha 11%, Amaltas 11%, Daru Haridra 11%, Kutki 14%, Guduchi 16%, Nagarmotha 8%, Khurasani Ajwain 5.63%, Sodium benzoate 0.13%, Potassium sorbate 0.13%, Ascorbic acid 0.11%
Take 30ml of organic Kapiva Artho Sure Juice twice a day after meals. Consume daily.

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