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An ultimate Hair conditioner to keep your hair healthy and shining. Use the Hair conditioner regularly to repair incidental damages also helps in manageability of the hair. A conditioner is a must to keep your hair healthy, vibrant and strong. Kairali's special hair conditioner is a unique, safe, and completely natural hair conditioning formula with herbal ingredients and no chemical or petroleum derivatives. It is gentle enough to use after every wash, indeed a must for using after any chemical service to restore your hair's strength and moisture as it adds vital protection and heals damage. This makes Kairali's natural hair conditioner a proven, all natural conditioner which is designed to help you maintain healthy hair growth. The hair care product is manufactured without the use of artificial fragrances, preservatives, surfactants, and cleansing agents, and is blended with botanical ingredients. Kairali's natural hair conditioner is developed for the purpose of making hair more luxuriant, with healthy roots and is made with natural blends which offers great effects for the root follicles and thereby encouraging new growth, and is both stimulating and nourishing for the scalp. While shampoos by their very nature make your hair cleansed, most of you are still left with frizzy and unruly hair which needs to be tamed with a conditioner. This natural product is a leave in detangler which not only gently minimize tangles and frizz but it also fortifies the hair with essential plant based vitamins and minerals.
Cetyl alcohol, Coconut oil, Aloe vera, Liquid paraffin(light), Glycerin, Propylene glycol, Citrus limon(lemon extracts), Perfume, Hibiscus rosa sincensi(hibiscus), Azadirachta indica(neem), Sodium hydroxide, Color, Sorbic acid, Aqua
Apply a required quantity of the hair conditioner on wet hair and spread evenly. Leave for five minutes and wash off with lukewarm water
1. Keeps hair healthy & shinning 2. Maintains healthy hair growth 3. Encourages new growth 4. Nourishes scalp

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