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Lehyam in English is jam. It is a semi-solid mixture, which can be consumed directly. It is used in Virechana, which is part of Ayurvedic Panchakarma. Panchakarma is one of the oldest methods of cleansing the body of toxins through the use of Ayurveda. It revolves around the belief that anything that goes into our system has the ability to change our body. Hence, to cleanse our system, the Panchakarma is used. Trivith Lehyam falls under the purgative treatment of the panchakarma. Thrivith Lehyam is a jam-type mixture that can be consumed directly. It is used in the treatment of constipation. This Lehyam, which is part of Virechana treatment in the AyurvedicPanchakarma, is effective in curing without giving a foul smell to your mouth and also has a good taste. This product is also good for the heart and helps it to function at its optimum. This product should be taken only under the prescription of an authorized ayurvedic consultant because the effects might be varying. Consume the Lehyam as advised by the doctor, either before or after food. Consume no more than 6 grams per intake and no less than 3 grams per intake. You can take it along with honey, milk, water, or just like that. If you are taking the product for purgatory purposes, then it must be taken early in the morning at around 5 A.M. and if you are taking it for laxative purposes, then it is advisable to be taken after dinner. Either way, this product is extremely effective. There are no side effects if the product is taken according to prescription, however, a little amount of overdose can lead to severe diarrhea. The dosage of this product also depends upon the strength of the digestive system. This product uses natural ingredients that have been proven to fight against constipation. Ingredients such as cinnamon, cinnamon leaf, cardamom, honey, etc. are used to prepare this product. This product is heated until a semisolid mixture is formed and then allowed to cool. As in all ayurvedic products, there are no artificial preservatives used in this product. Trivrit powder is also an important ingredient of this product. Ayurveda is strictly based on the metabolism of an individual, and the effects of each product might differ based on the different habits of the consumer, for example, eat, drinking, smoking, etc. Therefore, the intake quantity of the product depends on each individual rather it being constant.
Thrivrith (Operculena turpenthum), Sitha (Sucrose), Madhu (Honey), Thrivrith (Operculena turpenthum), Elam (Eletteria cardomomum), Thvak (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), Pathra (Cinnamomum tamala)
As directed by the Physician

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