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Ayurvedic Oil for Lustrous Hair
1. Taila (Sesamum indicum) 2. Haridra (Curcuma longa) 3. Parpata (Fumaria indica) 4. Nalpamara (each) Nyagrodha (Ficus benghalensis) Udumbara (Ficus racemosa) Aswatha (Ficus religiosa) Plaksha (Ficus lacor) 5. Triphala (each) Abhaya (Terminalia chebula) Amalaki (Phyllanthus emblica) Vibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica) 6. Chandana (Pterocarpus santalinus) 7. Sevya (Vetiveria zizanioides) 8. Kushta (Saussurea lappa) 9. Manjishta (Rubia cordifolia) 10. Choraka (Angelica glauca)
As directed by the Physician
Thriphaladi Kera Thailam is used for treating any condition related to the neck, eyes throat and ears. This oil, which should be applied only externally, gives effective results if used for hair treatment and can be used to treat split and premature greying of hair. Regular use of Thriphaladi Kera Thailam helps to improve the quality of hair and improves hair strength. The oil also helps to fight headaches, rhinitis and sinusitis. Thriphaladi Kera Thailam helps the nerves to relax, gently increases circulation and thus opens up the natural channels for the body fluids to flow through them. This process helps in the Application of Thriphaladi Kera Thailam Thriphaladi Kera Thailam can be used as hair oil. Regular massage of the scalp helps to strengthen the roots of the hair and treats split hair. A head massage with Thriphaladi Kera Thailam helps in getting relief from headaches.

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