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A unique Ayurvedic oil solely used for neurological disorders like facial palsy, hemiplegia, insanity etc. It has been widely used by women in pregnancy and puerperium (post delivery period). A unique combination of Ayurvedic oil mentioned in Classic Ayurvedic text Sahasra Yogam, Sudha Balla serves an excellent choice for almost entire neurological disorders. The contents of the oil being bala, ksheera, and thaila, Sudha Balla Thaialm acts as safe and effective oil for the treatment of women in their pregnancy and puerperium (Post delivery period). Bala being the drug of choice for entire disorders related to nervous system, it is advisable to use Sudhabala regularly for Abyangam, as a preventive measure against rheumatic and neurological disorders.
1. Tailam (Sesamum indicum) 2. Balamoola (Sida retusa) 3. Ksheeram (Cow Milk)
As directed by the Physician

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