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Ayurvedic Oil for Muscular Pain and Paralysis
Tailam (Sesamum indicum), Balamoola (Sida retusa), Ksheeram (Cow Milk)
As directed by the Physician
This ayurvedic oil is one of the most common oils used for all kinds of Arthritis, muscular pains, neurological diseases in Ayurvedic treatments. The main ingredients in Ksheerabala Oil includes Sida cordifolia, CowÕs milk and the oil needs to be given under medical supervision. The oils does not have any side effects on external application, People with high cholesterol and BP should take extra precaution while taking this medicine orally. Hot water should be taken after taking the oil. The oil should not be overdosed as it may lead to indigestion. Usually this oil is used for external application, as in massage, Panchakarma treatment etc. The oil is indicated for oral intake, it is given in a dose of 5 Ð 10 drops once or twice a day, usually before food. Patient is asked to drink a glass of warm water following the oil. All medicines or oils should be taken with consultation with the doctor.

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