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A herbal decoction effective in acute rheumatic arthritis. Effective in burning sensation and other inflammatory condition of the joints. Joint disorders like rheumatic arthritis and gout can be effectively treated with this renowned Ayurvedic medicine. The inflammation might even affect the rest of the joints including upper and lower limbs. The major ingredients of the kashaya, Bala, Guluchietc are well known for its effective cure in the painful condition of arthritis and burning sensation as well. Ingredients like Bala, Guluchietc acts effectively against the condition like redness, burning sensation, and tenderness. During medication, the patient must follow certain diet restrictions which might otherwise hinder immediate effectiveness of the medicine. This unique herbal preparation yields miraculous results in burning sensation of extremities caused due to diabetic neuropathy if taken in prescribed doses.
Bala (Sida retusa), Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), Surapadapa (Cedrus deodara)
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