Kairali Ayurveda Amla Shikakai Shampoo 200 ML


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Kairali's herbal daily natural cleanser.    
Sodium lauryl ethyl sulphate; Coconut oil; Accacia concinna(shikakai); Glycerin; Propylene glycol; Sodium hydroxide; Guar gum; Perfume; Bacopa monnieri(barhmi); Emblica offcinale(amla); color; Sodium benzoate; Citric acid-20% aqueous solution; Aqua
Apply required quantity of shampoo onto wet hair and massage to form a lather. Rinse off with water and repeat if desired
1. 100% natural 2. Removes impurities from hair shaft & scalp 3. Makes hair long & shiny 4. Has anti-fungal properties - reduces dandruff & itchiness 5. Repairs damaged hair 6. Prevents from premature graying 7. Prevents hair loss

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