Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Meshashringi Metabolic Wellness Tablet 60 Tablets


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Himalaya Meshashringi (gymnema) 60caps (Gymnema Sylvestre) ... Research shows that Meshashringi has a similar effect internally, by supporting the normal function of the specialized beta cells of the pancreas which secrete insulin and normalize blood sugar levels.
Each tablet contains: Meshashringi (Gymnema sylvestre) leaf extract - 250 mg
1 tablet twice daily or as directed by your physician.
Helps in reducing sugar levels by promoting the secretion of insulin, regenerating pancreatic cells, and increasing the activities of enzymes responsible for healthy glucose utilization. Provides support in achieving healthy body weight, and helps prevent triglyceride accumulation in the muscles and liver. Helps prevent fatty acid accumulation in the circulatory system and the hardening of blood vessels.

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60 Tablets