Kapiva Hair Care Combo


Product By : Primarc

This Combo includes: 1. MAHABHRINGRAJ OIL – 100 ML which has ECLIPTA ALBA,SEASAMUM INDICUM, CURCUMA LONGA. Benefits: Alopecia Areata, Hair Growth, Hair Loss 2. ALOE VERA CAPSULES (60 CAPSULES) Which is FOR HEALTHY CLEAR SKIN, BOOSTS IMMUNITY & DIGESTION 3. NEEM JUICE 1L Beneficial in indigestion, constipation, restoring taste of mouth – fights intestinal worms – cures hyperacidity, epigastric pain – blood purifier – cures urinary tract infection – stimulates liver functioning, secretions – cures skin disorders – anti-inflammatory and pain relieving agent – suppresses extra heat, maintains normal condition in hyperthermia – suppresses fever – anti-malarial properties – increases vision – relieves coughing – helps in reducing excess micturition – controls gonorrhoea, syphilis – immunoboosting agent Comments


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