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When stress and fatigue take over, sometimes all you need is a good massage. Stress Guard Massage Oil has the right ingredients that help unwind tightened muscles, provide in-depth relaxation and bust stress. It is the ideal solution for the fast life that induces anxiety, stress, anger and insomnia in the majority of the population.
"Stress Guard Massage Oil" is made of different herbs oil. Its main ingredients are : Tulsi Oil, Narangi Oil, Dharu Oil, Safed Chandan Oil.  Tulsi (Basil) oil :It is very effective in stress and headache. Gives relief from burning sensation. It also has antibacterial properties. Narangi (Orange) Oil :Stimulates circulation and the immune system. Also acts as an astringent, disinfectant and freshener. Dharu (Lavender) Oil :Soothes migraine, headache, emotional stress, sores and tense muscles. Safed Chandan Oil :It is aromatic, Regular application has a refreshing effect which heals tiny infected spots. Moisturizes the skin.
Massage your neck, shoulders, legs and feet with this oil. Can also massage gently on your scalp. All for just 15 minutes a day. The oil has a relaxing aroma and holds in the skin moisture, gently soothing your body and mind.
Relaxes the body. Relieves stress caused by excessive work. Removes travel fatigue. Rejuvenates mind and body. Refreshes the senses. Offers relief from muscular spasms, arthritis and swollen joints. Detoxifies the body

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