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A natural, gentle herbal formulation that provides a safe and effective approach to prostate health & urinary comfort. Prevents slow and painful urination.
Swarna makshik bhasma (Oxide of iron pyrite) - Helps in Ômutra-kricchraÕ (dysuria) caused by prostate enlargement & suppression of urination Praval pisti - Traditionally used to treat urinary diseases. Helpful when the prostate gland is enlarged. Sudh shilajit (Pure asphaltum) - Used in genitourinary infections & enlarged prostate. Kababchini (Piper cubeba) - It is used in the treatment of enlarged prostate. Khas (Vetiveria zizanioides) - Different parts of this grass is used to treat enlarged prostate. Safed chandan (Santalum album) - Good for urinary tract infections and cystitis. Punarnava ghansatwa (Boerhaavia diffusa) - It is prescribed in case of all urinary problems that are caused due to prostate ailments. Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris) - Eases painful & burning sensations while urinating. Hapusa Ghansatwa (Juniperus communis) - Enhances glomerular filtration, thereby causing the excretion of more amounts of potassium, sodium and chlorine from urine. Varun Ghansatwa (Crataeva nurvala) - Relieves difficulty in urination caused by enlarged prostate. It helps in urinary calculi, dysuria (painful urination) & cystitis. Khas ghansatwa (Vetiveria zizanioides) - Treats enlarged prostate.
2 Caps twice daily
1) Helps maintain a healthy prostate. 2) Highly effective in BPH (Benign prostatichyperplasia). 3)Maintains optimum urinary flow. 4) Prevents slow & painful urination. 5) Prevents incontinence or incomplete emptying of urinary standard.

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