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Helps to reduce joint pain, improves joint functions and helps lead a healthy life. A powerful combination of herbs formulated to remove toxins around the joints and support healthy, comfortable movement. It alleviates aches and pains within a few days.
Yogaraja Guggulu - Time tested Ayurvedic medicine for ArthritisSinghanad Guggulu - Very effective in small and big joint problemsSudh Kuchla - Relieves muscle & joint painsNirgundi - It is an anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxantMethi - Rejuvenates bones and musclesBalamool - Useful for removing excessive vata from the bodyErand Mool - Removes toxins around joints and supports healthy & comfortable movement
2 Capsules twice daily.
Very effective in Joint pains, Arthritis and Gout. Useful in sciatica, osteoarthritis & lumbago. Regular use helps subside inflammation. Assures long lasting relief from backache, etc. Eliminates toxins that impact healthy joint function. Removes excess Vata from the joints nerves and muscles. No Side effects, thus no ulcers.

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60 Capsules

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