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Gokshurvarunadi kwath is a very useful preparation for various urinary tract problems. Frequent urinary tract infections, inflammations of urinary system's parts (such as urethra, prostate, urinary bladder) and urinary calculi can be treated well with this herbal concoction. While all ingredients of this kwath are diuretic in nature, pashanbhed (Saxifraga lingulata) is well-known for its property of disintegrating urine stones. It is effective in treating complaints such as dysuria (painful and difficult urination), anuria (failure of the kidneys to produce urine) and other kidney diseases.
Shunthi åÐ Zingiber officinale, Gokshur - Tribulus terrestris, Pashanbhed åÐ Saxifraga lingulata, Varun åÐ Crataeva nurvala
Take 10 to 20 ml of kwath twice or thrice daily with warm water.
This kwath is prescribed to patients suffering from urinary tract diseases and kidney disorders.

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