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The Erand Taila is an all-rounder. It has strong natural cleansing action, pain-killer properties and anti-microbial properties. The Baidyanath Erand Taila comes from 100% organic Castor Oil plants and is therefore great for consumption. Adults as well as children can benefit from the curative and protective properties of Erand Taila.
Oil extracted from the seeds of Ricinus communis Linn. (Castor Bean, Castor-Oil Plant, Palma Christi, Arund, Arandi, Erand, Ind, Rand)
Castor oil is Stimulating Laxatives and helps in acute CONSTIPATION. The recommended dosage of Oil is given below: 1) For adult: 8 to 16ml with warm milk. 2)For children above the age of 12: 4 ml with warm milk.
1)It is good for skin and hair. 2)It is edible oil with purgative action. 3)It is taken with milk to [get relief from constipation. 4) It moisturizes skin and helps in skin dryness. 5) It is applied on skin to minimize wrinkles. 6) It reduces swelling. 7) It is antibacterial. 8) It can be applied on acne after washing face with warm water. 9) It reduces pain in the chest, thighs, back, etc. 10) It is useful in Vata disorders especially where there is upward movement of Apana Vayu. It lubricates the joints internally and reduces Vata and occasional constipation.

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